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Default Re: Are We Ready For Baltimore

Originally Posted by charlesk View Post
November 18th in Pittsburgh. I will be downtown all day. Wearing a 55 jersey with a black and white pitbull with a Ravens scarf on. Of course most Steeler fans are poor white trailer trash who cheer for a guy who has no respect for women and have no money so I won't see you there. Team is just like that dump of a city. Past its prime by over thirty years. Funny the state I am from is a big part of why western PA sucks. Our coal is Wyoming is cheaper to extract and cleaner and our business practices are efficient. Which is why all of your mines are run into the ground and Wyoming is now the no. 1 coal producer with the fewest people in the nation.
What is this ... I don't even ... ?

You're challenging the mass of Steelers Nation to come and fight you? You're one tough guy.

What does cheering for the Steelers have anything to do with our respect for women? I don't even understand?

This is the absolute worst attempt at trolling I've ever seen. Again, please take your sorry ass off our boards and go back to the Ratbird forums where stuff like this might be embraced.

Anyway, I'm done with you.

A little bit more on topic here: The Ravens can't stop the run to save their lives and by that time I feel like Mendenhall and Dwyer will be healed up and the three-headed monster will attack that defense like no tomorrow. I'd also like to see who they put on Wallace to try and cover him, as Webb going down devastated this team. Whoever they put on Wallace is going to leave Sanders and Brown wide open as their CBs and Safeties have been playing absolutely terrible. I mean, they barely squeaked a win out over the Chiefs 9 - 6 in a game where the Chiefs had calls go against them all day.
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