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Default Re: Biggest Sports Tool You've Come Across

Originally Posted by lamberts-lost-tooth
Just for fun...who was the biggest sports jerk you ever came across?...and who impressed you the most?

I'll start with a personal story....Peyton Mannings rookie year. My boy was 4 yo and we went to a scrimmage game between Colts/Rams in Champaign IL. After the game ther was about 400 people waiting by the the back gate. Manning comes out and does an interview about every 10-15 ft as he is walking to his bus....He sees my kid....walks away from a reporter and gets on one knee in front of my son...signs a football rubs his head and says "there ya go little man"..........................5 minutes later, Marshall Faulk walks out with the front of his shirt pulled over his face....he stops in front of the kids...lets down his shirt and in the midst of all this young fans asking for an autograph..he says "I'm not Marshall Faulk...He is still inside" the kids turn around to ask their dads if this is true...The Buttclown dodges into the bus...lowers a window...sticks his head out, laughs, pulls his head back in and puts up the window...
To this day my son STILL hates Faulk with a burning passion, and even though he thinks Manning chokes in the big games...he respects the fact that Peyton was down to earth.
I met Randle El. He was doing a promotion for a sports store that is near where I live. El also is orginally from IL. So that not to far from where I'm at also. But El was very cool and a nice person. Even after the time had passed for him to stop signing autographs. He stayed and signed for every person that was remaining in the line. Granted there was only 20 or so people left. But he could have said thats it and left. But he didn't. I also talked to him for alittle bit.
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