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Default Re: Biggest Sports Tool You've Come Across

Originally Posted by tony hipchest
well that sucks about faulk. he always seems like such a character guy when you see him on tv. i havent met any atheletes but quite a few bands. faith no more were pretty much tools, but the scorpions were really nice, and let me pose with pictures with them on the set of a video shoot. kirk hammet was cool, death, and sepultura, as was fear factory (hung out with them on their tour bus and we talked for about 30 minutes about different bands we liked and all the cool ones they had toured with recently), .
I have met a few bands as well . I met the guys from Staind when they were coming off their tour bus outside a show in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They were really cool. Lead singer Aaron Lewis you can tell he isn't fond of the fame that comes with stardom. He wasn't rude and didn't come off as a jerk. He was just laid back and didn't understand why people make such a big deal about him. Plus he was higher then kite when I met him. The guys all signed autographs.

Same show I met the guys from Cold and Puddle of Mudd. The guys from Cold were not very friendly but they still signed autographs for everybody. The guys from Puddle of Mudd were very nice guys. This was back early in 2001 and I don't think Control was even released yet by Puddle of Mudd. I didn't know who they were at the time. But the guys from Puddle of Mudd were very cool. Wes the lead singer was handing out free tickets to teenage kids that didn't have tickets for the show.

The guys from Disturbed are complete jerks. I met them at Ozzfest one year and they were rude and acted like I'm a star and you can't talk to me. I got the chance to hang with Godsmack backstage after a concert. Sully Erna the lead singer is one crazy guy. Them guys can drink.
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