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Default Re: No chance vs Chiefs

Originally Posted by FanSince72 View Post
"Trap" games may mean something to a team that is either still finding itself or is suffering from serious injury issues and has no real depth.

We may have been that team at some point but we've demonstrated that we're not that team anymore. We have plenty of depth and our injuries are not so devastating as to make us particularly vulnerable.

At this point - and especially after the Giant game - we have returned to the level of "Serious Contender" and as such should be licking our chops over games against teams like KC and we should not be thinking about being ambushed.
Put another way, do you really think that teams like the Pats or Green Bay or even Atlanta worry about "Traps"? I don't think so and neither should we. That doesn't mean that KC shouldn't be taken seriously, but rather that they should simply be regarded as "work to be done" and little more.

If we see teams such as KC as potential speed bumps or as some other threat to our success, then we are clearly not ready to be a "Serious Contender" at all.

I believe that we ARE a contender and that KC is not a threat.

KC is toast -- PERIOD!
The Steelers should have the mentality of wanting to annihilate inferior teams like the Chiefs... Not just show up and get a W. The Pats over the years have rarely blown games like these because they come into them wanting to humiliate the other team. No margin of victory is ever good enough. Teams like the Steelers should want to dominate as much as possible. Their goal should be 35+ pts of offense and less than 10 pts on defense.
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