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Default Re: Obama vs Romney Gameday Thread

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
I believe your quarrel is with the sainted General Petraeus

Why Romney’s Not Talking About Benghazi Anymore

It seems as through the most important actor during the attack may not have been the President, but CIA director David Petraeus. That leaves the story line more confused than ever. Petraeus, the reputed savior of Iraq, is a hero to many of the same conservatives who have been driving the Benghazi story in an effort to burn the President. Now it seems possible that their ire could burn the general more than the President. Although Friday’s reports indicate that the CIA responded fast and aggressively as the attack unfolded, it also appears that the agency could have been more vigilant about security at the site in advance. It also seems possible that Romney fell silent on this issue because he came to understand that Petraeus is at least as politically exposed as Obama. (Bear in mind that Romney was recently granted classified national-security briefings, as is the custom for major-party nominees.)
no my quarrel is with Obama, he is the one who should address the american people and tell the truth instead of blaming a video. Same thing with birth certificate, just come clean. I don't blame Obama for the whole Benghazi mess, just like I don't give him all credit for killing OSB. But he is not acting like a commander.
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