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Default Re: Obama vs Romney Gameday Thread

Originally Posted by cubanstogie View Post
sounds good because I don't want to have to call you a hypocrite. It wouldn't be hard to find smart alek lines from you slandering people. Like your last post insinuating I was acting like a bitch. Looks like a hypocrite, sounds like a hypocrite. You be the judge mister moderator.
slander? good luck with that wild goose chase.

my last post wasnt insinuating nothing other than my own behavior dependent on the outcome of this race, and my expectation of others (everyone, infact).

we are all adults here. im pretty sure vincent and killer know i dont hate them. i like them quite a bit actually. but if i had to guess from the digital profile you have painted, i would put money on you hating democrats. im not stating that as fact, but if it is, thats your perogative. i cant change that, but i can certainly moderate it if it begins to infect this board in the form of angry personal attacks.

again... just a friendly reminder, because while we dont agree, you are still a valued member here just as much as anyone else, and i will defend your rights here just as i would anyone else.

i do the exact same for respectful bungle and patriot fans.

anyways, im pretty sure ive known the outcome of this election all along, just like i did in 2008. i didnt gloat lake a poor winner bastard then, and i dont plan to now.

hell, i didnt even vote for obama this time around. i voted for the republican convert.
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