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Default Re: Obama vs Romney Gameday Thread

Originally Posted by cubanstogie View Post
I am pretty sure he will fire back and not be bothered.
thats all i could hope for.

and he may, although ive never really seen him respond to someone by questioning their personal principals in life or going to the length of calling people a communist, socialist, islamic devil worshipper, hitler youth, etc or any of the other trash ive seen tossed around on this board for the past 5-6 years.

and before you throw out baseless accusations at me again, i will freely admit i have called the republican party the "party of satan" as ironic satire to expose the rediculessness of the crap being flung at liberals and democrats. i have no problem flinging poo right back from whence it came because "im rubber, and you're glue. whatever you say bounces right off me and sticks to you"
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