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Default Re: How to classify this win

Originally Posted by FanSince72 View Post
Simms called out a ref?
I guess I missed that one.

Phil Simms has spent the better part of his broadcasting career playing it safe and acting as a tool for the League and wouldn't step in to a controversy even with Goodell's permission, so I'd love to know what he said!

He was silent on the PI call that helped set up the Giants' first score. He even said that he wasn't going to "get into" whether or not it was a good call.


If you don't address THAT, then what was there to talk about?
That call sucked and everyone who saw it knew that!
I thought the same thing. It sounded more like Simms was covering for the Refs. During the NFL Replay I listened closer and Simms kept saying things like 'Game speed" and "that's a tough call to make" and a few other comments that made it sound like he was okay with the calls even if they were questionable. I guess it's all in your own perception.
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