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Default Re: Dwyer or Redman

Great topic at hand here. Also, great "problem" for Pittsburgh

I'd probably take Redman at this point cause he has bit more experience, and always seems like he he plays with 100% of his effort. (Not that Dwyer doesn't) He also, (i.m.o) already earned the starting spot as long as Mendy is out.

I'm guessing that Redman may also have the better pair of hands. I believe I've seen Dwyer drop a few balls during his two starts. And one was a guaranteed TD pass.

It's unfortunate that none of these young men will be a true starter because they will be riding second to Rashard, or splitting touches with each other.

IMO, They both will be very productive backs, the type of backs that rarely lose yards or break even, but almost guarantee you the 3.5 yards per touch, with a few twenty five plus yard carries sprinkled in here and there. Both backs have the potential to be ending seasons with 4-500+ yards each, if they keep battling for touches, and with Rashard being the starter.

With this new found, hard nosed running game, and O-line we have, I'm really bumming that Rashard ain't getting the opportunity to show his moves and potential because he's sidelined with injuries. I know that Rashard will blow up under Harleys system, and I think he would make our running game even more threatening with the threat of the big play 60+ yard TD runs, and our short passing game, RB screens a nightmare for defenses to cover. I think with more speed and elusiveness coming out of the backfield from Rashard, it'll truly maximize Wallaces deep threat potential. I don't think that defenses are worried about our current backs breaking off a 70+ yard TD rush.
I know there aren't too many Rashard fans on this board, but I think a full season under Haleys offense will show you more of his potential and earn the respect of some of his dissenters.

Does anyone have Radhards contract info available? When is his contract year? Is it this season?
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