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Default Re: Keenan Lewis Worth 8 Million a Year?

signing FA's is a gamble. sometimes you lose big (asomugha, mario williams) and sometimes you strike gold like we did with james farrior.

alot of smart teams want to catch a guy right before he hits his upswing and prime of their careers. other teams take the same risky gamble of trying to catch falling stars.

so while we dont know what lies ahead for lewis, a team may certainly believe he is worth the gamble. i doubt any of us has studied the coaches film and graded every single play he has played in during his career but the scouts shopping for a CB will. on tv theres plenty of plays where he (or any cb's arent even on the screen, so it is hard to guage howw good they really are in coverage unless the ball goes there way. how many times does there coverage completely prevent a qb from even looking their way?

average cb's are making $6mil/year. the cream of the crop are making about $12mil.

in his first year starting, lewis is looking like a #1 CB on the leagues #1 pass defensive unit. he has also learned dick lebeaus system which is the most complex in the league.

8 mill may not be that far off the mark. people thought we overpaid ike on his first contract extension, and he turned out to be worth it. i think the steelers do the same and make him a higher priority than mike wallace (unfortunate but nature of the biz).

i think the steelers would be tickled pink to lock him up for 5 years/$32.5mil with 15-16 guaranteed. i think he might be happy with that hometown discount. im sure the agent will not be citing the older players with less upside listed above.

note: peanut tillman has been playing phenominal this year and being talked about as the defensive mvp along with jj watt (clearly outplaying his contract). sporscenter had a feature on tillman and how he forced the four fumbles in sundays game vs the titans. if you havent seen it, it is freaking amazing. i have never seen it perfected like an artform.
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