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Originally Posted by teegre View Post
Oh man... I read it this morning, while sitting up with the baby... I don't really remember the source (I was Googling at 4:00am).

Essentially, Tomlin commented about wanting to choose one RB to get most of the snaps, because it would help the O-line.

Similarly, over the years, I've heard other O-linemen (on ESPN, on the radio, at the gym)) talk about liking "one" RB better than a "committee"... because then then know how long to hold a block & such... and that they get timing with that "one" RB.
First off....sorry about the sleep deprivation, but its our badge of honor as parents.

I wish I heard that bit on the radio, because its not making entire sense to me. Guys have to keep blocking until the whistle, not until they think the RB is by them. On a combination block it may make a bit more sense, but realistically........there isnt much time difference between how long it takes Dwyer or Rainey to get to the line of scrimmage from 5 yards deep in the backfield.

I think its more mental than anything. Before you can beat the team opposing you, you have to beat the guy in front of you. O linemen have to worry about beating the guy in front of them and not who is getting the ball behind them!!! (that's my krusty o line coach impression of the day-- rant)
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