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Default Re: Are We Ready For Baltimore

Originally Posted by austinfrench76 View Post
Clark is out??? When did that happen and we will kick the Ravens ass this year. They got their "Superbowl" last year by beating us twice.
And just like Baltimores history...they choked. They can't finish well. It's like a young boy losing his virginity and finishes too early... It's disappointing for all. :-)

Ravens fans are just plain mean. Ravens are tough don't get me wrong but they are nothing more then a good playoff team. That's all they will every be. That's all they have been. Every time they get their chance at greatness they choke. However my Steelers know how to finish what they started. Yes...they beat us twice last year. Darn. We can't win every game but let's face it...we have been beating them into the ground for the last 10+ years.

So Ravens fans enjoy your 2 wins. If that makes you feel special then good for you. We have the best nfl record for history's sake and te most SB rings of any nfl team in history. We always set records and 99% of the we win games. Hell we even win SB's.

I think we are ready and I believe we are prepared for the Baltimore game. As long as our team plays with ferocious passion and intensity and don't drop the ball...cough...cough...Wallace...cough...then we will win!
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