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Default Re: Gary Johnson runs most successful Libertarian campaign in party’s history

Originally Posted by Bayz101 View Post
Tony, I have a question...Would you vote for Gary Johnson if he ran as a republican?
Edit: And i'm not trying to put you "on the spot". It's an honest question.
oh, no sweat Bayz, i know.

i have already proudly voted for the republican gary johnson for 2 terms as my governor in new mexico. i always voted for the venerable senator pete domenici (R) as well (until he got old and retired a few years back). both great politicians, but more importantly great men.

dont believe everything you read on the internetz, just because i have been falsely labeled as some uber-liberal socialist.

i was given the black hat for openly voting for obama in 2008 and freely combating anyone who challenged my right to do so. being from billy the kid country, i gladly donned it.

i have always voted for the person, not the party and will contiue to do so.

sadly i made the hugest mistake of my voting life by voting for bush in 2004 (simply because i "gave" my vote to my mom and i really didnt believe in removing a president in a time of war.)

i strongly considered mccain until he quickly proved how incapable he was for the job by allowing sarah palin to be on his ticket. it may not have been his call, but it ruined him.

bottom line is i woulda voted for gary johnson, if he were black, white, christian, mormon, aithiest, republican, or democrat.

i dont care about all of that shit. its inconsequential to me.
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