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Default Re: Obama vs Romney Gameday Thread

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Matthews is getting more beat up by the right wing media, which is dead silent on the Rove fiasco Tuesday night on Fox, whereas (by way of example) the Time magazine media crtic and Jon Stewart commented on the Rove meltdown whereas I did not see anything on either Time or The Daily Show about the ignorant statement from Chris Matthews.

My point is both sides showcase the gaffes of their opponents more than the screw-ups of their own side.

That is politics - Dems got tired of being punching bags and a significant section of the GOP thinks it is a double standard that anyone punches back

I agree 100 percent its done on both sides. I am not a GOP apologist. I vote based on my perspective, mainly financially and I want judges who are hard on crime. Believe me I have thought about the libertarian aspect but I just can't grasp the thought of legalizing drugs and letting people do whatever they want. People can smoke pot all they want as long as they pay for it and don't receive handouts. ITs like people on food stamps buying beer and cigarettes. Infuriates me. I just can't picture a scenario where people smoking pot would not be getting welfare. There are exceptions, I have gone to parties with Physicians and nurses where joints were passed around. I do like the thought of less government involvement though.
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