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Default Re: Rashard Mendenhall will be starter

Originally Posted by Darkstorm05 View Post
Let's check out how Dwyer and Redman did before the bye, prior to the line beginning to put up some proper play...

Vs Denver

Dwyer: 9 attempts for 43 yards
Redman: 11 attempts for 20 yards

VS The Jets

Dwyer: 12 attempts for 28 yards
Redman: 12 attempts for 25 yards

Vs Oakland

Dwyer: 3 attempts for -1 yards
Redman: 9 attempts for 27 yards

Hot damn, these guys are surely pro-bowl bound! Truly, because Redman is on track to put up 550 yards this year...a personal record for him! And then it gets better, because after the bye we actually managed to open a hole, and Dwyer ran for a whole 24 yards before his legs literally came apart under the strain of this Olympic feat.

So does that paragraph right there seem really silly? Because it's dialed down to about a 3 compared to saying Mendy should be benched for these two. To be perfectly honest it isn't even physically possible, because they both have showed that they can't take that many consecutive carries without gassing out big time. Mendenhall's WORST full season behind the crappiest run plays Arians could could copy from his Madden 09 playbook he still put up 930 yards and more TD's than Redman and Dwyer combined.

Go look at the replays on the big running games of the last few weeks. There's quite a few instances where we almost have a gap, then our new lead blocker pops it clear and springs Dwyer or Redman, who picks up some good yardage before being run down. Just wait for it, and see what happens when they spring Mendy on a few of those plays.

Why do we have to have this argument every time a backup has a couple good games? Seriously, there are people here who think our 2nd, 3rd, AND 4th string RB would all be starting anywhere else in the league if they weren't stuck here being held back by Mendy.
Ah! When in doubt, drag out the stats.

I'm not talking about numbers, I'm talking about running style and the potential both Redman and Dwyer have shown. Mendenhall has speed and quickness but does not have the breakthrough power or the overall "push" of the other two backs. Put another way, I'd feel more confident when looking at, say, a Third-and-three situation with either Dwyer or Redman than I would with Mendy. Out in the flat or running off-tackle, I'd take Mendy hands down. But if we need a power running game, we won't get it from Mendenhall, but I'd bet the rent that either Redman or Dwyer would deliver the goods consistently.

As far as "springing Mendy" is concerned, that's my whole point; he needs a gap to run through before he does what he does best while Dwyer / Redman often help to create their own gaps just like Jerome used to do. I agree that once he's past the line, Mendy is a joy to watch, but he has never demonstrated any particular ability to get through a defensive front without a lot of help from the O-line.

If you want flash and moves, go to Mendenhall.
But if you want ball control, it's Redman or Dwyer hands down.
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