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Default Re: Rashard Mendenhall will be starter

Originally Posted by FanSince72 View Post
Ah! When in doubt, drag out the stats.

I'm not talking about numbers, I'm talking about running style and the potential both Redman and Dwyer have shown. Mendenhall has speed and quickness but does not have the breakthrough power or the overall "push" of the other two backs. Put another way, I'd feel more confident when looking at, say, a Third-and-three situation with either Dwyer or Redman than I would with Mendy. Out in the flat or running off-tackle, I'd take Mendy hands down. But if we need a power running game, we won't get it from Mendenhall, but I'd bet the rent that either Redman or Dwyer would deliver the goods consistently.

As far as "springing Mendy" is concerned, that's my whole point; he needs a gap to run through before he does what he does best while Dwyer / Redman often help to create their own gaps just like Jerome used to do. I agree that once he's past the line, Mendy is a joy to watch, but he has never demonstrated any particular ability to get through a defensive front without a lot of help from the O-line.

If you want flash and moves, go to Mendenhall.
But if you want ball control, it's Redman or Dwyer hands down.
Except they don't make themselves much of anything. It's easy to want to ignore stats when they show these two have never done a thing. That power run game they bring sure did put the Raiders in their place. And Denver. Instead of throwing out actual established data based on multiple seasons of performance, how about pointing out some verifiable facts that back your claims that they're better? We're not talking about situational stats here. This is YEARS of starting back numbers under Mendys belt that these two would need YEARS of big games to begin to match.
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