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Default Re: Rashard Mendenhall will be starter

Originally Posted by Darkstorm05 View Post
Except they don't make themselves much of anything. It's easy to want to ignore stats when they show these two have never done a thing. That power run game they bring sure did put the Raiders in their place. And Denver. Instead of throwing out actual established data based on multiple seasons of performance, how about pointing out some verifiable facts that back your claims that they're better? We're not talking about situational stats here. This is YEARS of starting back numbers under Mendys belt that these two would need YEARS of big games to begin to match.
Let's just call it a gut feeling and leave it at that, OK?

Whatever Dwyer/Redman didn't do in the past has obviously changed because they're looking very good right now.
Maybe it's Haley's offensive plan, maybe it's more playing time, or maybe they're both just a year older and a bit wiser and a bit more mature. But whatever "it" is, you cannot deny that the last few weeks with Dwyer/Redman have been a major departure from what we've become used to seeing and they've had great success and success builds confidence and confidence makes them even better players.

I'll agree that Mendenhall may not have had the best of all worlds in the past with an offensive line that was shaky and never consistent and maybe now that that's changed he too will look like a superstar as well. No one can say anything about him yet because we haven't really had a chance to see him both at his best and with our new and improved O-line.

But I HAVE seen Dwyer/Redman both with the crappy line and now with the "new" line and all I've seen is positive. I compared Dwyer to Bettis way back in the preseason and virtually every talking head mentions both he and Jerome in the same sentence on a regular basis now. Meanwhile, Redman put on a clinic against the Giants and did all of the things that we counted on Jerome to do for all those years and he looked very comfortable and very confident doing it.

Whatever the "numbers" say about either of these guys or whether those numbers can compare to Mendy, or Jerome or burger sales at McDonald's may mean something to you but they mean nothing to me. I like to go with what I'm seeing right now and right now I'm seeing two running backs that make me feel as if we don't need to worry about a damned thing as far as a running game is concerned and that's all I care about.

If Mendy comes back and makes this team look even better, that's great. But I think he needs to demonstrate that he can actually do that first before being anointed "starter" and that what Dwyer/Redman have done and (if I'm right) will continue to do in the future cannot be ignored or dismissed because a table of meaningless numbers says so.

Don't forget; "stats" can only tell you what someone has done after they've done it. What I'm more interested in is what's happening right now - in real time.
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