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Originally Posted by hardwork
What you Bengals fans haven't had a chance to experience is that the better your team is, the more you learn as a*fan. In watching the real thing week after week, season after season, you get an education. If your a Bengals fan, it's kinda like watching a chess match with half the pieces missing. You just won't be able to get the hang of it. And when someone shows up who has all the pieces, well, you know what happens. Bye Bye Bengals, and you fans are left scratching your heads and asking yourselves what the hell was that all about.

So, I understand the motivation for this thread. You want to learn about football. That should be applauded. You're kinda throwing a banana in the direction of a great ape to see what he'll do. To see how something really powerful, mysteriously powerful, will react.

Stick around, and pay attention. No one has been bringing it harder, for longer, then the Steelers. They are the biggest Ape in the jungle. But know one is smarter then the Patriots. They are the smartest Ape in the jungle.
You win I am not really in the mood for argueing now(who's team is better)...What can I say the Patriots did a great job....Maybe in due time i'll say something to start this back up....
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