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Um, just a quick point, Mendy was able to string together all those seasons BECAUSE he was the starter. You can't compare stats of a starter to his backup because they will never add up. But if you want to play that stupid game, Mendy has more fumbles in the last few years, Redman has a higher YPC the last few years, Mendy has more carries for a loss, etc etc, see how it is comparing apples to oranges. Doesnt work when you dont cherry pick the stats. It is really simple, Redman/Dwyer are more of a ball control back, Mendy is more of a HR back, which do you prefer toting the ball? Before Haley Redman/Dwyer were the right call cause our off couldnt take the run losses and make up for it, now I am not so sure. Mendy, with Haleys play calling, could be a premier back in this league. I am still a fan of the bigger backs at least getting a few yards each run as it wears out the def as opposed to the other way around. We have great rcvr options now and dont need the dynamic back out of the backfield so much now. I still think Mendy is the most talented back we have, but maybe the Redman/Dwyer type back is better for our system right now.
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