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Default Re: ESPN Still Gives No Love For Ben

10th overall sounds about right.

Personally, I think he is #1... but, I am admittedly biased. But, honestly, I can not see the media, or any unbiased person, putting several players ahead of BB (despite BB's gaudy 3rd down stats). BB is BB... he is not pretty; he just finds a way to convert thrid downs (& ways to win).

Here are some other players, in no particular order, who would be top ten. And, again, honestly, how could one not put them ahead (or on par) with BB.


Peyton is having a great comeback. That 35 point secodn half in SD was nuts. He HAS to be in the top three this year.

Charles Tillman. The dude is winning game by himself.

Brady is still Brady. Like him or not, the dude produces.

Breesus Christ. The Saints have NOTHING else.. and he still keeps it close.


Eli. The dude is money in the fourth quarter.

Andrew Luck. Laugh if you want, the kid has the most long completitions and long attempts of anyone in the league. And, he took an abyssmal franchise and has them as the #5 seed in the play-offs. While he's not (yet) "better" than BB, I would say that this kid is having a "top ten" type of season.
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