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Default Re: Are We Ready For Baltimore

Ahh yes, the vaunted Steeler Nation. Sounds like a Latin American narco state run by an illiterate Generalissimo and his coked out son. Pittsburgh has always been one of the most polluted cities in the US; even after it's citizens managed to wreck their manufacturing economy. It's a bit too late to start cleaning up now. Yeah inner city Baltimore is a dump but in general that region is very prosperous; unlike all of Western PA which is the epitome of Rust Belt. Steelers will probably become the first NFL team to accept foodstamps in payment for tickets. That would make their fanbase happy. Should be funny watching your cleaning crews scrape up what is left of BR after Suggs and Ngata get through with him. He was never the most handsome guy in the world but after Ngata mangled his nose he just looks grotesque. No wonder no woman wants him. As for talking smack on R. Lewis think for a moment about who is more reviled in our society nowadays; a guy who gets into a bar fight defending himself and it goes wrong or a guy who thinks its okay to post his posse outside the Ladies Lavatory and threaten someone who can't defend herself from a guy twice her size? And as for talking smack on WY ask yourselves this: Where does half of America go on vaction in the summer? Sure as hell isn't Pittsburgh. The alcohol comment from Utah was pretty funny but you can buy booze throughout Utah now. They are just jerks about it. The border areas with Utah used to be flush with stores selling cool stuff like fireworks, booze, and cigars.
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