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Default Re: Are We Ready For Baltimore

Originally Posted by charlesk View Post
Wyoming vs. Pittsburgh. Wyoming is considered by all to be a national treasure chock full of amazing scenary, animals, clean water and natural resources whereas Western PA is has been land. Not to mention a large percentage of America's energy needs are now provided by Wyoming. What does Western PA now provide for the US except high school dropouts? Your corrupt organized crime saddled unions are a big part of why Western PA was run into the ground, so don't blame people trying to run a profitable company for all failures that the Pittsburgh region has become synonymous with. Loser team representing a failing broke ass city. I guess that is my biggest problem with the Steelers; aside from them always crying about officiating. They seem to think that Pittsburgh is a great place and it just plain isn't. That doesn't include all the people who have never been within 100 miles of Pittsburgh and just decided to cheer for them because they are one of the darling teams of the NFL.
western PA is the mecca of football and birthplace of some of the greatest football players ever.

wyoming is obviously full of tools who think baltimore is cool. it must take alot of that clean energy to be such a dumbass, so you are lucky.

you and loser ravenfans are considered by steelernation to be a national treasure chock full of shit.

kick off your birkinstocks, go hug a tree, and eat some granola.

the big boys are trying to talk football here.

youre talking squirrels and butterflies, natureboy.
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