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Default Re: Does the GOP have to change?

The base will not change - how to go forward without the base will be tricky

I was driving back to the office around noon and was listening to right wing talk radio in Atlanta for schadenfreude - let's just say there is not a lot of soul searching going on

Neal Boortz ended his show today by not just articulating the usual talking points about cut spending/lower taxes but kept referring to Obama as "Dear Leader" - for those keeping score at home that is the term by which the head of North Korea is described

After 12 noon El Rushbo appeared - after opening his show by mocking Boehner's comment yesterday that the GOP needs to reach out to all Americans and that the GOP position on immigration needs to evolve (which I heard as a shot by Rush at dangerous leftist Sean Hannity), Rush said he had an idea how to do outreach to Latinos and then cued up Jose Feliciano singing Feliz Navidad.

Since 1968 the GOP electoral stategy was based upon outreach to white men - the numbers for that strategy are not going to work anymore, especially when you kiss off New York and California every election cycle.
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