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Default Editorial: Even Vince McMahon Turned His Head in Shame

NOTICE: This editorial was sent in for publishing earlier this week. However, due to server issues, publishing was delayed.


Even Vince McMahon Turned His Head in Shame
by Tiger Rowan

Right around half-time of the Steelers-Giants game, my brother walked out of the room… and did not return. My eighteen-month old daughter sought out her uncle, calling down the hallway, "Uncle… where are you?" When she found him, her cheers of "Touchdown!!!" brought a momentary smile to his face. I followed suit, by asking him if he was going to return to watch the game. After a considerable amount of time, he replied, "I just do not know."

Mr. Goodell, you may not know my brother, but he is the most patient, calm, and soft-spoken person in the world. I takes a lot, and I mean a LOT, to get his feathers ruffled; Gandhi is more of a hot head than he is. But, to put it simply, the abomination that he witnessed during the Steelers-Giants game was enough to evoke a reaction from him (albeit, a calm & passive one).

For those of you who missed it, it appeared to many (not just Steelers fans) that the referees were overtly trying to give some sort of advantage to the Giants. Sure, we all feel sorry for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Absolutely, a small part of all of us (even Steelers fans) would have liked to have seen the New York fans have a three-hour break from their misery. And, positively, a win would have been a story-book ending to their week. But, not at the expense of the integrity of the game.

Any fan hates for their team to lose, but losses happen. Sometimes, an opponent simply outplays your team, and we can all accept those types of losses. But, when the referees are making calls that are blatantly one-sided, it calls into question whether any of what we are seeing is truly "real"… or if it is all merely scripted. And, once those types of "questions of doubt" creep into a fan-base's heads, it is very difficult to get those thoughts back out. Just ask David Stern.

Before anyone starts to tell me to stop whining and/or that "every team gets bad calls", I will readily agree: usually the bad calls even out. But, in this game, this was not the case in the least; the calls were obviously being called in New York's favor. Allow me to describe the most glaring of them.

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