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Default Re: David Petraeus resigns from CIA

Originally Posted by Bayz101 View Post
David Petraeus resigns from CIA over "Extra-Marital Affair".


Interesting timing, don't ya think? Probably wouldn't be "Hush-hush" about Benghazi, and "retired" just like Bruce Arians. Anything to keep his pension.
He obviously knew he would be leaving before the election but my initial guess is he really is leaving over the affair, even though this merits the flashing light treatment on Drudge with "affair" in quotes, as if it surely is not the reason- blackmail arising from sexual indiscretions is more likely in that line of work

Of course now that he is gone with the affair being out in the open he can fire away without being concerned that indiscretion gets out - of course draw your own conclusions as to whether this is the only improper conduct he might be concerned about of which others also might be aware

He presumably is not leaving the CIA because he has been there long enough - he just arrived
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