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Default Re: Editorial: Even Vince McMahon Turned His Head in Shame

Originally Posted by FanSince72 View Post
Count me among those who thought the same thing; that the refs were indeed trying to provide a "feel-good" win for the Giants and the people of New Jersey.

But I also noticed that after halftime, those flagrantly ridiculous calls disappeared and in fact many calls began going against the Giants including a rather innocuous offsides penalty on a 3rd and four late in the game which had Redman being tackled short of the line of gain. This penalty resulted in a first-and-goal and allowed us to score the winning TD shortly afterward.

Whether Goodell said something to the refs at halftime or whether they all had a crisis of conscience I can't say.
But I CAN say that those mysterious calls all but disappeared after halftime and the game was officiated very fairly from that point on.

If any of the the suspicions about letting the Giants win are true to any extent, I can only say "Thank You" to whomever it was who decided that integrity was more important than storybook endings and put a stop to it.
It's almost as if the refs had been told to make a few calls go NYG's way, but the refs effed up, by making those calls way too obvious.

Instead, Goodell should have told the refs specifically what to call... such as: a false start (or holding) on the first play of every Steelers possession. Starting a drive 1st & 15 (or 1st & 20) makes for a long day... and far less obvious than ANY of the calls that the refs actually made.

Ergo, at half-time, I am sure that Goodell screamed, "You guys are maming it so OBVIOUS!!! No more penalties on PITT... none. You idiots... why did I re-instate you!?!"

All joking aside, you said the key word: integrity.

Bad calls are bad call... but, if Goodell actually told the refs to make those calls... wow!!!... that would ruin the NFL for me.
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