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Default Re: Does the GOP have to change?

Originally Posted by Vis View Post
If so, how?
they do if they want to win future elections. Although people are so mesmerized by Obama I don't see a future candidate being as hard to beat. The problem is they are going to have to pick and choose their battles. I have no idea how to get the black vote probably not possible. Hispanic vote could be doable but Romney screwed that up with his comments about self policing or whatever he said. Woman vote could be had, married women actually vote republican , so if you had a republican who could bend on social issues like abortion the single woman might be swayed. I don't know how they compromise on taxes though, two total different philosophies. When taxing the rich doesn't touch the deficit even if they taxed them 100 percent yet they do it anyway there seems to be a problem. It appears more like a penalty for making a lot of money. The wealthy for the most part are job creators, you can't have jobs without the creators. I don't see the GOP changing their philosophy on that.
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