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Default Re: Haley has sure toned it down

It is really amazing that the Colts are 6-3. If they can keep it up enough to earn a spot, great - I hope to see them. Bruce sure has found a way to get in front of the cameras lately. (And the more I think of it, the more his luck of being associated with good quarterbacks is uncanny). The more time passed that Arians was here, the more I was convinced that Ben's ability and the sheer talent and depth of the Steelers' rosters more than covered for his lack of understanding situational football, protecting the franchise QB, and playing to strengths.

It is a little odd to me how public Arians, Irsay, and all the players have rallied around his cancer. I'm not saying they don't feel close or that it isn't right - but they are really laying it on heavy in front of the cameras. The shaving of the heads is a nice gesture - but I'm getting a little tired of hearing how "special" this situation is and how much motivation this gives them.

Hey media - plenty of people live after and die of cancer - the cancer coverage is getting a little ridiculous and the locker room speeches are a little overly dramatized, and frankly - it is a little bit of exploitation on the Colts part - but hey, whatever gets asses in the seats, right? I've experienced cancer too many times and I can tell you - no healthy coach is going to predict hoisting the Super Bowl trophy because of a dream he had not even halfway through the season, and especially not with all of the cameras around him. The guy has chemo-brain, is feeling his mortality, and it is heart wrenching. This team will fall apart once they can't keep winning for the sick man.

The father Flanagan comment was hilarious - exactly what I have been thinking. Is Arians for real?

When they start a losing streak, I bet they'll go right back to Marsha Brady and Discount Double Check coverage.
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