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Default Re: Are We Ready For Baltimore

Originally Posted by Twentyvalve View Post
Have you been to Pittsburgh in the last twenty 20 years? The city is a modern center of international business. It is a clean, modern, well planned city with a beautiful waterfront stretching for miles. It is safe, clean, and easy to navigate by foot or car. Last time I was there a Pirates game had just let out and we could not even tell traffic cleared out so quickly. The locals re polite and friendly. And guess what, you can drive through any one of multiple tunnels into and out of the city without getting gouged for $6. Oh yeah, the Zoo is modern facility that includes the aquarium, which is ten times better than the Baltimore Zoo and Aquarium. And visiting both together is cheaper than either the Baltimore Zoo or Aquarium separately. Oh yeah, the science center is get this - free!

Now, let me contrast that with Baltimore, from which I have lived about twenty miles north of my entire life:

Baltimore is trash ridden welfare state with corrupt politicians acting as ringleaders. I think at one time the entire city council was being investigated for corruption. The last mayor was convicted of theft and fraud. The traffic sucks on a regular day, forget about getting anywhere during a Ravens or Orioles game. It costs $6 to get into and out of the city through the tunnels. I dare you to walk around Baltimore at night (or most of the city by day for that matter). Baltimore City residents are rude, inconsiderate, and act like animals. I lived in Baltimore County for a year, I could not stand it, and promptly moved back to Harford County.

So, please answer my question regarding the last time you went to Pittsburgh. I want to gauge the reference point for your comments. If you have been there recently, and you say Baltimore is a better city than PItsburgh, then you lie. If you have never been there, and you make those comments, then you are an ignorant troll with a agenda. I am fine with that, but don't make outrageous statements with no basis in experience or fact.

Baltimore City is a welfare wasteland. It is dirty, unsafe, and mismanaged. That is a fact.
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