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Default Re: How to classify this win

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
YES, I give Simms a lot of credit for saying what he did about the PI call on Lewis, the "hit to the head" on Clark, the "tuck rule" non call and the no call on the "block in the back" on the return.

Make no mistake...Phil Simms is a NYG hall of fame QB and a professional broadcaster trying to point out bad calls while not insulting the NFL and its officials that so many fans insisted that the NFL open its wallets for.

Simms called that game objectively, whereas Dan Fouts sounded like a Raiders homer when the Steelers played the Raiders.

Great job Phil Simms
Agree. Simms has the right to voice his opinion. And he was clearly correct. The PI calls were ridiculous. It was nice to see a non-Steelers broadcaster not hate on them for once. Usually, Simms and Nantz are totally against Pittsburgh in the way they call Steelers games, even though they are supposed to act neutral.
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