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Default Re: What we learned in week #5.

1. "The Patriots are the class of the AFC"

That is quite a bold statement. The Pats are one of the strongest teams in the AFC, but I don't believe they are the best the AFC has to offer. NE lost to Baltimore, remember? I know it was on a bullshit call, but it's still a loss. The Texans are certainly playing some good ball as well. I would call them the "class of the AFC." If your team beats them this year, then I'll buy into your statement.

2. "The Patriots are THE organization in the NFL."

Kraft and Belichick have taken NE from just an ordinary franchise to one of the premier franchises and organizations in the NFL. The Patriots brand of football has risen to the top. It's hard to ignore they were the team of the 2000s with all their winning and record setting performances. However, I would not call them THE franchise of the NFL. Fans of Pittsburgh, Chicago, Green Bay may have a bone to pick with that....
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