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Default Re: David Petraeus resigns from CIA

Originally Posted by Bayz101 View Post
I don't know. If having an affair makes you unfit to serve your country, why was Bill Clinton allowed to remain the president of the United States? It's all a double standard.
It is a remarkably quaint concept, but committing adultery is a crime under the Uniform Code of Military Justice

Petraeus, who retired from the military last year, is still subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which classifies adultery as a crime.

Practically speaking, however, the odds are extremely low that the military would prosecute a retired officer for having an affair, said Eugene R. Fidell, a prominent military law expert who teaches at Yale University.

“They’re as close to zero as you can get,” Fidell said. “It would have to be a grave matter before the executive branch would prosecute a retiree.”
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