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Default Re: Does the GOP have to change?

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
That is one of the take aways from the election.
another thing to take from it is the 7 million white people you speak of is either dead or has one foot in the grave. and in 2016, when the "greatest generation" and baby boomers further drain the medicaire system, 7 million more will kick the bucket. in the meantime all their children have been procreating with blacks and hispanics. when those children are able to vote, they wont be able to claim white ethnicity.

the remainding homogeneous bunch in the back woods and deep south are either to inbred to know how to use a pencil, or too disenfranchised to even give a shit.

while i think its cute to see you blame white people, but its really all about changing demographics.

america advertizes its existance as built on the backs of immigrants. that admittedly had backfired and exploded in the face of the GOP. the party might as well continue to try and close its boarders (i can see why they desperately want to), but the "damage" has already been done.

oh, and for cubanstogie, it is false to believe all married women vote republican. get the regurgitated a million X stats straight, and nancy grace would be the 1st to pimpslap both you and oreilly for suggesting you, him, and republicans are the only ones who care about pedophiles (90% white?) being freed to prey on children again.

i find it disgusting and twisted that people even believe such nonsense.
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