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Default Re: Who's the Star of this Defense Now?

Originally Posted by FanSince72 View Post

I think that Troy's absence has allowed this to happen because without him the secondary seems to be developing a nice chemistry and they're playing as a team.
When Troy is out there and allowed to pretty much do whatever he wants, I think that actually hurts the secondary because often Clark, Allen, etc. have to worry about what Troy is doing as much as what the receivers are doing and that's not good.

I think Troy is a great talent but he needs to be used in ways that make him part of a functioning unit rather than as some sort of unguided missile. That has always been my biggest gripe with LeBeau - that he sees Troy as someone so special that the defense tends to become "Troy plus ten other guys" rather than eleven guys who each have talent and a role to complement that talent.
its not just dick lebeau (still cant figure out why you are the ONLY one who hates on him incessantly). everybody else on this blue planet we call earth, thinks troy is that special as well.

you mean to tell me all those years we have been #1 in defense, going to afcc games, winning superbowls and having defensive MVP's, healthy troy was actually hurting the defense?

i should tweet this to ryan clark so he can laugh his ass off as well. :smh:
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