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Default Re: Does the GOP have to change?

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
blame that on the out dated 2 party system. the entire election process is so tainted its no wonder people don't bother to vote.
"every vote counts".... really ? i seem to recall guys winning the majority and still losing...... whats the point in a a person like me , who lives in maryland , going out to vote ? i already know maryland is voting democrat , so why play the game when i know the cards are already stacked ?
why go out and vote when you have a loathing for both candidates and don't feel one will be any better than the other ?
i did go out and vote , but i didn't go out to vote for either one of those scumbags , i went out to vote hoping to put an end to this two party bullshit.
your right , people shouldn't complain who don't exercise their right to vote...
the ones who DID vote shouldn't complain either. the only ones who have a right to complain are the few who tried to put an end to the repub / demo stranglehold on this country.
I agree, the 2 party system is flawed, which is why I voted for Gary Johnson. He had no chance of winning the presidency, but if a 3rd party manages to win even a small percentage of votes, they will become a force in the next election cycles. I was thinking my vote could make a difference 8 or 12 years down the line.

also even if your state is going to vote 1 way for president, on a state level, your vote is equal to everyone else when it comes to voting congressmen and senators who ultimately decide what gets passed and what doesn't. It could make a difference, everyone's vote does count.
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