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Default Re: PFT: Antonio Brown will miss a few games

What ever happened to players playing 50 games straight or more without game missing injuries. IMO our team has had more KEY injuries then any other since the beginning of last season, and possibly before that, but I'm not talking about just our team. Sure players have always got hurt, but they get hurt a lot more and they miss more time. Suggs, Adrian Peterson, and Mendy all healed suspiciously fast, but other then that, it seems like players are alwaya missing games due to "minor" injuries. I'm not talking about any one injury specifically, but in general. Anybody else remember Ronnie Lott voluntarily cutting his finger off IN GAME to continue playing? The only thing I've seen in years that was close was Ben getting his nose shattered and still beating the Sh**birds. Tomlin needs to pull out some Rocky Blier tapes and the s*** he played through.
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