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Default Re: Editorial: Even Vince McMahon Turned His Head in Shame

Originally Posted by wera176 View Post
I honestly don't think Cruz was acting, his azz got lit up (cleanly!) by one of the hardest hitters in the league and that flag came out QUICK. I think he was sucking for air at that point, not thinking acting for a flag...

Of course I could be wrong...
Agreed: Cruz was actually in pain. I think that the other person might have been talking "tongue in cheek", because Cruz supposedly got hit in the head... but... he was grabbing his ribs... so, unless the refs were wrong... (couldn't be)... Cruz must have been acting. (At least that's the way that I read it.)

Regardless, that flag came before Cruz and/or the ball hit the ground. Ergo, when the ref said, "After the play" ...well... how in the world could Clark's hit have occurred "after" the play, when the flag was thrown BEFORE the ball had officially become an incomplete pass!?!

In fact, the ball was just coming off of Ike Taylor's fingertips, when that flag came out... meaning a tipped pass... meaning that Clark had EVERY right to knock Cruz to the ground. There is so much about that play that is just wrong.

As OX stated:
Call what you ACTUALLY see; not what you THINK you see.
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