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Default Re: Giants were distracted, maybe true?

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
i was hesitant in "buying into" all the Eli Manning praise as of late.
Add another SB (to what was an average-to-above average team, certainly not a great team) to a couple of big come from behind wins this season - and the analysts are instantly throwing him down as maybe "the greatest" QB in the league, etc, etc, etc. I've heard it a thousand times since the season started.

I'm not saying he isn't good - because he is - and its a team effort as well - all i'm saying is that i think Eli is a bit over-rated and i would absolutely take our QB any day of the week over Manning.
Eli gets it done in the post-season

IMO the Giants are to the point they think the NBA is like the NCAA tournament or the NBA playoffs - the only point to the regular season is to get to the post-season - they will win their division and at this point are just waiting for January
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