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Default Re: Ravens "D" can't stop Taiwan Jones

Originally Posted by lipps83 View Post
I might be in the minority here, but I think that was an awesome call. The best time to practice a fake field goal is in a real game when you don't need it. That way you have a much better idea of what might work for those times when you do.

The worst time to try a fake field goal is when you do need it, and run some stupid play that doesn't work. You lose the 7 and 3 points.

Just like the extra 2 point conversion against us Baltimore went for a couple years back.

They didn't need it then, but in 3 years when they think they do, I bet they have at least a 95% chance that it will work.

The Harbaugh's are highly regarded coaches for a reason. They are not coaching just the game they are playing, they are also planning and prepping for years down the road.

That is why they are highly regarded and were much sought after. Not because they are worried about hurting someone's feelings on a message board.

They are out there doing it, while you sit at home and get mad about some stupid shit.
So I guess it is obvious why you see fake field goals so rarely by NFL teams up by at least 3 TDs - other NFL coaches are not as smart as John Harbaugh?

If John Harbaugh was "much sought after" why was he 45 years old and coaching DBs in Philly when he was hired by the Ravens

I am not saying John Harbaugh is not a good coach - but he is such a jerk i root for the Patriots when they play the Ravens - I would never have imagined I would ever cheer for a Belichick team
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