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Default Re: Ravens "D" can't stop Taiwan Jones

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
So I guess it is obvious why you see fake field goals so rarely by NFL teams up by at least 3 TDs - other NFL coaches are not as smart as John Harbaugh?

If John Harbaugh was "much sought after" why was he 45 years old and coaching special teams in Philly when he was hired by the Ravens
How often do you think a coach would even consider it? Never. That isn't even to mention dealing with the aftermath of school kids crying 'that's not fair' if someone thinks they are trying to run up the score.

Should they play hopscotch when there is still over a quarter left in the game to play? Or maybe it does take a genius to practice in a real game things they rarely get to do.

A chessmaster does not sacrifice a pawn even, unless it is going to give him an advantage.

How often do you see guys going from Special Teams to a Head Coach, pretty much never. He had to switch over to defensive back to even be considered. Next year he had a head coaching gig.

Of course, more hoopla was about Jim after what he did with San Diego and Stanford. Look at what he is doing with San Fran...

The proof is in the pudding. They can take shit and polish it into a diamond.

But yeah, hate on them all you want because they score points when they don't need to.
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