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Default Re: Are We Ready For Baltimore

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
The Steelers don't need to blow out KC, they just need to take care of business Monday Night. You don't get brownie points based on how bad you beat your opponent, and the Ravens don't get any brownie points by destroying Oakland. They don't get an extra win by winning by 35. At the end of the day it's just one game.

Let Baltimore have their "style points", it's the only thing they have going for them, because they have failed when it matters most.

It shouldn't be a surprise by now. This is how the Ravens operate. Baltimore wins their Super Bowls in September and November, not in February.
The Steelers shouldn't need to score 55 points, and they certainly shouldn't need to run any fake FGs, but yes, they should blow out the Chiefs. There is absolutely no reason for the Steelers to keep things close with a crap team like KC. In fact, Leftwich should be getting clean-up duties at the end of this game.
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