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Default Re: Ravens "D" can't stop Taiwan Jones

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
I am not talking about Jim

The reason you do not usually see a non-coordinator going to HC is because by their mid-40s most bona fide HC candidates have been coordinators in the meritocracy that is the NFL - Tomlin and Cowher did it in their 30s - Ravens made a good choice in hindsight with Harbaugh but it was a reach - I guess that is because the Ravens are the smartest organization in the NFL?

Among the reasons you do not see the fake FG up by multiple TD s more often are: 1) it is gutless; 2) you run the risk of having a star player taken out as payback. If you are seriously contending that it is not seen more often because John Harbaugh is smarter and a better coach than everyone else I give up or conclude you are trolling

Get back to me on what a great coach John Harbaugh is after he wins a game that merits a Gatorade bath - proof is in the pudding
It is gutless, which in my eyes, makes it brilliant.

Do you see what Chip Kelly is doing at Oregon? That guy is a brilliant head coach too. If they score fewer than 50 points against top competition their offense is off.

They routinely go for it on 4th downs on their side of the field. Completely unconventional in how the team is run. That is what is making them successful. The NFL is different of course, but if someone like that were to coach in the NFL in the same manner, it could take the game to a whole other level.

Defense is there to stop me. If they can't, that's not my problem. Fix your defense and don't expect me to stop myself because you cry like a 5 year old.
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