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Default Re: Ravens "D" can't stop Taiwan Jones

Originally Posted by lipps83 View Post
This was a good debate before you decided to throw in a personal attack. Buttlove? Really? Are you 13?

Hit me back up when you make it to High School and grow up a little bit more.
Ya know, I didn't expect much more than that. Instead of arguing my points, you're going to 'attack' the way I said it. Sure, I said it a little bit crass and rude, but your blind favoritism for the Harbaughs is a little bit insane. What have they accomplished at all for you to call them "sought after" and "great"? John has proven time and time again he can't beat elite teams in the playoffs (Steelers, Patriots) and Jim took at a franchise that was in the tubes and won ... with a second place schedule in the NFC - West, a division known for it's weak teams (this year aside). So, they've shown they can win games in the regular season and choke in the playoffs.

Yep, they're great.

Also, sorry about that Bayz. Didn't mean to come off as aggressive as I did!
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