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Default Re: Steelers make pitch for Roethlisberger as MVP

I find it funny Luck is even in the conversation. I guess based on situation at on two levels:

Peyton is gone. The Colts sucked last year. Now they don't. A rookie QB named "Luck" is tearing it up. If he plays for the Buccaneers and his name is McFly I bet we don't have this conversation based on the first two facts. Maybe his name is serendipitous.

Additionally, the league loves to love rookie QB's. It fuels the bottomless hype monster and sells jerseys. I wish the guy well, but I think he is currently the product of situation, not accomplishment. But . . . I think Ben was in a similar boat albeit at the advent of rookie QB sensationalism. I don't dislike Luck, I just think it is absurd to start chiseling him a marble pedestal so soon. I think the media is starting to lose interest in RGIII beyond his name, and Luck might be too far behind?

Even though I question the attention they get, I respect Luck and RGIII. May the they prosper (defined by their achievements and not game by game and highlight to highlight week to week in their rookie years).

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
He's rarely mentioned - and wont' be. Byron should be so surprised when he watches ESPN. Its the SAME thing - every single day - over and over and over and over and over and over again.

Cam Newton


Hell - Brady doesn't even get talked about that much on the "shows" anymore. From what i've seen the analysts are really trying to push Luck right now (and Manning) for the MVP up until this point. I think they'd love to see a rookie take it.
They tried pushing RGIII for the 1st few weeks - but its vividly evident, even though he has starpower and potential, he's quite a ways away from winning MVP awards.

---but i agree---Ben should be absolutely mentioned right there with Manning in every single conversation
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