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Default Re: I miss Ward

His attitude on the field was great... one of my all time favorite players... with out a doubt my all time favorite WR.

I also think he might be one of the most under rated players ever. IMO he's one of the greatest WR's to ever play the game. Name one other WR who intimidated defenses with toughness like Ward did? His presence on the field gave us an advantage not only because of his ability to make the big catch, but his ability to hit....corners and safeties wanted to know were hines was at all times...he put fear into them.

Nothing was more fun to watch then Hines against the Ravens. He was so in their heads it was ridiculous. They talked the talk... Hines walked the walk. I always found it hilarious to listen to defenses cry about Hines Ward... they never experienced anything like him...defensive players are programed to be the hunter.... when Hines made them the hunted...they didn't know what to do.

Also one of the biggest clutch players in the history of the game.
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