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Default Re: Does the GOP have to change?

It is just a matter of outmarketing those hucksters from Chicago

This today from the home office of denial - the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal

Advice From a Lonely College Republican
The GOP is like a supermodel who's been doing photo shoots under fluorescent bulbs without any makeup.

The Chicago machine and the Democratic National Committee as a whole have perfected the art of marketing, even when they've got nothing to sell. They're like a used-car salesman who pushes lemons on unsuspecting drivers and never gets caught. Democrats can home in on Latinos, blacks, single women, young voters—and have them chanting "Four more years!" before they know what hit them...

Republicans truly are the party of a less intrusive ruling class. Frame the Republican fundamentals—tax less, spend less—as a fresh populist approach instead of Grandpa's adage, and the party is back in business.

You betcha - let's cut taxes - that will work
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