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Default Re: Baby Ben Arrival Watch

Originally Posted by LayingTheWoodley56 View Post
Off the top of my head, just for fun - I know he was hurt during his second season, when we went on the road and lost to them in OT with Maddox at the helm. There was the infamous game in '09 when we pushed them to OT with Dixon before losing, when Hines called him out before the game for not playing when he possibly could have (with a concussion, no less - you can imagine how that would fly now). And he didn't play during his suspension in 2010, when Flacco got Doushmandzadeh in the end zone in the final minute to beat us.

Any others? It seems like we've always been able to play them tough with or without Ben - we just need our QB to pull it out late, it seems, and Maddox, Batch and Dixon were all unable to finish the job.
Yea - from the outside - and from listening to interviews and reading articles - it just seemed like Ben and Hines had a business relationship. They certainly celebrated together during SB victories. A lot of the time you would see them interacting entering the huddle and it was more or less "Do your thing, time to lead" - kind of a transaction - just my two cents

As far as beating the Rats without Ben - mark my words - if Ben is gone, we will still win with the new and improved Haley system. He'll make sure whoever is in there is staying upright and that we keep the damn ball away, taking 3 to 5 to 7 yards at a time - which is fine with me. If Ben plays, rhe o-line and running game plays the way it has been playing - a whooping might not be out of the question
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