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Default Re: Who's the Star of this Defense Now?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
its not just dick lebeau (still cant figure out why you are the ONLY one who hates on him incessantly). everybody else on this blue planet we call earth, thinks troy is that special as well.

you mean to tell me all those years we have been #1 in defense, going to afcc games, winning superbowls and having defensive MVP's, healthy troy was actually hurting the defense?

i should tweet this to ryan clark so he can laugh his ass off as well. :smh:
I'm not "hating on" LeBeau, I'm just criticizing him (two very different things) because I've seen him fall into a rut these last few seasons where he seems to be relying too much on talent and not enough on smarts and that has produced a rather stale product.

I'm happy to see that he's decided to change that this season and has plugged himself in to things more and is now using the talent he has to our best advantage. For example, I think he's begun to realize that defensive success doesn't have to rest upon whether or not Troy is on the field and he's actually begun to develop game plans that work without Troy rather than game plans that are simply patched together "until Troy gets back" and that has made a huge difference.

Troy may have really been a "secret weapon" years ago because he was younger and healthier and he was largely an unknown quantity. But as the years have moved on, Troy is beginning to lose a step (like everyone eventually does) and the rest of the league isn't awed by him anymore and so his superhero effect has diminished.

I think Troy still has many good years left, but more as part of a talented unit rather than as some freakish boy wonder and I think that unit is working very well lately because it seems LeBeau has finally accepted that as well and is moving in a different direction.

I criticize LeBeau because I've seen what he can do and I've been blown away by his creativity and I haven't seen much of that in the last couple of seasons and I don't want to see a guy like him just fade away into obscurity. I wanted him to get that fire back and I think he has and I can't wait to see what he has dreamed up once Troy comes back and I hope it isn't anything like what we've seen before.

We'll see...
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