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Default Re: Haley has sure toned it down

I think Arians attitude while he was here is equally responsible for the residual hate as much as what his relationship with Ben did to the offense, and the Steelers as a whole

Make no mistake - I was gleefully happy when I knew he wasn't coming back, because from my perspective - it was time for Ben to have someone to coach him rather than coddle to him. Ben was reaching his peak way too early under Bruce, and it was costing the team points and Ben his health for the sake of doing things the way they wanted to do it. IMO - it was little selfishness on both of their parts - but Ben did deserve a little control after 2 SB victories.

If Arians didn't purposefully set up the run game to fail (and I'm not a proponent of 3 yards and a cloud of dust) and then smuggingly say (paraphrasing) "when they show me they can run successfully, then I'll be happy to let them"

Arians never, EVER owned up to anything and was constantly deflecting blame to the players. It might sound ridiculous, but the coaches from the couches (Steelers fans) were able to predict what the offense was going to do in almost every critical situation.The 2007 MNF game v. Ravens, The 2010 AFC Champ game v. Jets, and last year's Patriots victory were his lone shining moments.

It is important to note, that in those last two games I mention, the offense was able to do absolutely nothing on more than a drive or two - which is why the scores were closer than they should have been.

Situational football, playing to strengths, and CLOSING is why Bruce is gone. The hate has a lot to do with his unwillingness to acknowledge that he needed to change things up a little and blaming others for when his stale tactics failed.

In half a season, it is no shocker, that Steelers fans have witnessed a light bulb burning that hasn't been switched on in a while. Thank you Haley.
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