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Default Re: Egyptian jihadist calls for removal of Sphinx, Pyramids

Originally Posted by Killer View Post
Obama put the jihadists in charge by assisting in the coup.

One banana republic supporting another, that's Obama
Bu - bu - but I thought Mubarek was one of the foreign despots Obama apologized to

Paul Ryan during the vice-presidential debate on Thursday night if it was ever appropriate for the United States to apologize to other countries, the Republican congressman criticized the Obama administration for its delay in calling for then-Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to step down:

What we should not be apologizing for are standing up for our values. What we should not be doing is saying to the Egyptian people, while Mubarak is cracking down on them, that he's a good guy and, in the next week, say he ought to go.

Although I admit with Mitt Etch-A-Sketch you never knew what he believed, even Willard at one point said Mubarek needed to go

In early February 2011, only days before the White House called for Mubarak's resignation, the former Massachusetts governor sounded a bit more like Paul Ryan on Thursday night. It was time, he explained, for Mubarak to "step out of the way or lead the transition," and for the United States to "make it very clear to the people of Egypt that we stand with the voices of democracy and freedom."

But good talking point for the Rubio-Cantor ticket in 2016
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